About Us

We provide I.T. and Business Process Outsourcing services to companies in the UK.  We can help your source your resource for small or large projects and we can provide you with a cost effective way to staff long term support functions.


Our small size means we can deliver quickly. Contact us for more information using the details above.

About Us



Touch Creations are a UK I.T. Outsourcing company. We can help you resource your I.T. projects using our skilled and effective outsourcing partners.  We can help you with Web Site Design and Consultancy and we can also help you with our Graphic Design services and partners, providing effective and eye catching branding for your business.  


Whether you are a smaller company who is looking for a part-time Project Manager, Developer or Designer to resource one of your projects or help with the day to day running of your business or if you are a larger organisation looking to put a team of professional developers or support staff in place.  We can help. 


We can help you with Website design and development.  Whether you are new to the world of the web we can help you get started if your a first timer, or we can take you to new heights if you already have a site up and running. If you sell goods and want to expand your customer base we can show you how by adding a shop to your internet site.


Your website might often be the first impression that people have about you and your company. Its important that you have a website that gets your point across quickly and most importantly it should allow your customers to find you and contact you. If you have a website you give yourself that extra chance to succeed. We can help.